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Kimberly Hamilton will lead you through a rejuvenating and refreshing yoga 90 minute practice with an emphasis on getting centered, focused and present for the day’s work in class, auditions and booking.

At the Neighborhood Studio, we’re all about helping you to explore, discover, and unleash your best Creative self!


We’re also all about helping you to look, act, and sound like the amazing Creative Superhero(ine) you are in your own imagination and to be able to defend yourself and others and even do it while you’re on camera!  We also want you to be able to deal with the many types of stress that come with pursuit of Creative goals and Creative endeavors.

One of the most important tenets you’ll hear repeatedly here at the Neighborhood is to “Maintain a Healthy Mind!” After all, we’re doing all that we can to help educate, motivate, and empower you to be successful however you choose to make your way in the world. Therefore, we constantly strive to help you become aware of your abilities and opportunities for growth. We don’t want to get you “out of your comfort zone” but rather Expand your Comfort Zone.  Your mental and emotional wellbeing are closely related to your confidence and self awareness—two critical components of being a great Creative person. One of the best ways we can help you maintain your mental, emotional, and physical health is through yoga. To that effect, we are proud to offer Vinyasa Yoga Fire with Kim here at the Neighborhood Studio!

$15 drop-in class

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1 month


(unlimited classes per month)


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 3 months Membership

(unlimited classes)


Class Times:

Vinyasa Yoga with Kimberly Hamilton


11:00am-12:30pm on Wednesday and Friday

1:00pm-2:30pm on Wednesdays and Friday

Improv Yoga!

7:00pm-8:30pm on Friday  

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