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Learn from Instructor Tom Thon to be consistently prepared for your auditions by mastering the basics. This course will introduce you to the joys of acting from a practical point of view. It will define for you the basics of the actor’s job and how anyone with the desire, focus, and commitment to succeed can master a personal technique to draw on for any acting situation.

Meet With instructor Tom Thon on Monday mornings from 11:00AM to 2:00PM

Min 4 and max 10 students per class

10% Discount to All Performers Union Members

Apply your Practical Audition Preparation skills each week with a different on camera audition. You will be recorded at least twice each session with feedback and coaching from the instructor for each playback. Open Q&A is invited and encouraged during class.


This ongoing class will give you the insights you can’t get in live auditions. Rarely will your agent or CD review your audition with you and point out how to improve your submission. By reviewing your auditions each week you will begin to eliminate unconscious behavior from your auditions and replace it with more positive traits that will improve your call back rate!

Practical Audition Preparation

For Adults age 19 & up

Class Topics:

  • Understanding the Actor’s Job

  • The Tool Kit for Actors

  • Defining Physical Action

  • Analyzing the Scene

  • Preparing for the Scene

  • Identifying the Problems

  • Developing an Individual Technique

  • Finding the Truth of the Moment

  • Cold Read Technique Emotions – Pro & Cons

  • Debunking the Myth of Character

  • Cleaning Up Your Act

  • On Camera Practice

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Class Topics:

  • Analysis Not Paralysis!

  • Cold Read Secrets of the Pro’s

  • “Less is More” - Transitioning from Stage to Screen

  • How to “Kill It!” with Eye-line

  • Moment Before and Button

  • How silence & stillness can get you the job

  • Dealing with a dead reader

  • Learn to Love the Camera and it will Love you back!

  • You'll be the Judge

On Camera Audition Techniques

For Adults age 19 & up

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