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Do you want to become a Voiceover Super Hero but feel like you don't have the time or budget to catch a class live or in person?  Now, there's another option!  Simply watch these epic Voice Power workouts with Carter now on your own time! 

These Classes ON DEMAND! are great for taking refresher notes, learning at your own pace, and even learning on your own schedule. 

Epic Voiceover Classes Now ON DEMAND! 

You'll use what you learned in the Basic Cycle for these next 3 Classes.  

Anytime and now on your time!

Intermediate Level

On Demand!

Wondering where to start when it comes to Voiceover?  AFTER you watch the Beginner's Guide to the VO Business Workshop take these classes next!   

Now it's time to tie everything together.  Live Announcing will use every skill you learned so far, Advanced Production will help you apply everything, and Advanced Marketing is where you're ready to fly out of the nest and soar like an eagle!

Thursday Morning or any morning.  You decide when you want to watch!

Advanced Voiceover

On Demand!



On Demand!

$59 per class!

$59 per class!

$59 per class!

 Topics for 3 Classes:

Commercial VO's & Making money For Being You Class

Corporate Narration & Making money by Telling Others What To Do


Doing the JOB- Cleanly Recording your Auditions & Basic Editing

 Advanced Class Topics:

Live Announcing & All Eyes on YOU

Advanced Production Power & Sound Design

Marketing Yourself to Make More Money

 Intermediate Classes include:

Political VO & Making Money for Slingin' Mud

Broadcasting & Making Money for Being a Gossip

Character Voices & Making Money for Listening to the Voices in Your Head

Voice Over

Vigilante Beginner's Workshop 

Whenever you like!


It's a Class on Demand!


So you're a VO fanboy/fangirl and you wanna be a VO Superhero? Well, now you can! On your Own Time!  Learn the basics of everything you need to know in our VO Vigilante Beginner's Workshop-- Class on Deman ONLINE! Even if you never take another class on Voiceover it's what you need to jump into the business on your own as a VO Vigilante and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.

Cost for this Masterclass is only $99! It's the best value for your time and energy.  In fact, people from all over the world have now watched and attended.  Reserve your place now as space is limited!

  • Getting started without spending a fortune

  • What makes a good demo

  • Agents: how & when to find them

  • Equipment for your home studio

  • Finding your first client

  • How to find business & what to say

  • Evaluating your voice’s potential

  • Recording in a professional studio

You will learn what it really takes to get started in this awesome industry



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