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Here at the Neighborhood Studio, our job is to motivate, educate, and empower you to be the best Creative Self you were meant to be!

We are a Teaching & Production Studio that began in the greater Atlanta Area and have proudly expanded out west to Colorado!  We provide resources for businesses and individuals needing audio and post production. 

We also provide a welcoming, safe, fun, and creative professional environment for those Individuals who are interested in becoming Voiceover Superheroes & Cosmic Creators! 

The Neighborhood Studio 

Now Online

directly with YOU!

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The wonderful thing about Voiceover is you can start at any period in your life and work from almost anywhere! As long as you have your voice, your quiet recording setup, and a decent Internet Connection, you can find work as a paid Voice Talent.  Although it helps, you don't need to have previous acting experience to get started.  We believe everyone can utilize their unique Life Skills and experiences to help them find their place in this industry. In fact, We will guide you through the process of finding your voice! 

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Vigilante Beginner's Workshop

In this crash course workshop we teach you everything you need to jump into the business on your own.  You'll even read a commercial or character sample with  professional direction. 

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Epic Voice Over Beginner's Classes 

Train with a pro as Bob Carter gives you the tools you need to make money with Commercial VO, to navigate Corporate Narration, and how to properly record and edit yourself in order to send clean professional quality Audio to the Client.

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Epic Voice Over Intermediate Classes

Fly back into the studio with Bob Carter as he guides you through Political VO, Broadcasting & Podcasting structure and techniques, and Character voices for Video Games and Anime.

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Voiceover Superheroes aka "VO Superheroes" are men, women, and kids who use their voice to transform the world around them and build a career in the voiceover industry. 

What is a Voiceover Superhero?

What is the Voiceover industry you may ask?


Have you ever listened to audiobooks, heard radio ads, or sat through corporate trainings? Those were all done by a Voice Talent or Voice Actor. Voiceovers have become a major role in our daily world. You can hear the works of many voice Talents and Actors in Anime, Audiobooks, Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Cartoons, Commercials, Radio, TV, and Video Games. 

With the global rise of the online digital market there has also been an ever greater demand for voice talent and voice actors. That’s where we come in! 

Through our workshops, you are taught by Voiceover pros with decades of experience in the VO business. You learn a step by step breakdown of what it takes to actually be successful in voiceovers. We also help you build confidence in yourself through the power of your voice. 

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