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The Neighborhood Studio’s Superhero Voice Camp!

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Join us for an action packed week of adventure where we build the skills need for any Voiceover Superhero. You will be working with our top notch heroes who have 30+ years of experience in the voice acting industry.

What to Expect!

Day 1:  Heroes for Hire- Finding your own Commercial & Corporate styles

Day 2:   Heroes Need a Backstory- Storytelling & Podcasting for young adults

Day 3:   Heroes vs Villains- Character work for Animation & Video Games

Day 4:  Heroes Train and Level Up- Learn to Record, Edit, & Produce your Audio! 

Day 5:   Heroes Run the Gauntlet- Finally, Experience a Busy Day in the Life of the VO Superhero...

Two Age Groups: Ages 9-12 and 13-18.

Class size will be limited to twelve superheroes in training!

We can't wait to get started and help you train your Voiceover muscles to develop your own super voice!

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